10 Ways to Stay Sane During a Trump Presidency

  1. Unfollow fake news on social media – It will make you much happier to know that what pops up on your feed is legit. How can you tell if your news outlet is fake? Well, part of this is common sense. True and honest journalism is supposed to be clear of biases. If you notice all of the articles written by a news source leans to one side of the aisle, it may not be trustworthy.
    giphy (1)
  2. Install this Drumpf Plug-in to your Chrome Browser – because it is the little things in life
    giphy (2)
  3. Take Action – Find out which issues matter to you most and research advocacy groups. This can be a truly powerful way to create positive change
  4. Treat others how you want to be treated – Sometimes it is necessary to remind ourselves of this. It is easy to get swept up in our own emotions and not acknowledge the needs of others. Be the change you want to see in the world. Take the high road. You know, everything Trump is unable to do.
    giphy (3)
  5. Watch your favorite movie – Lose yourself in warm fuzzy feelings every once in a while
    giphy (4).gif
  6. Spend your $ on a new experience – Create new memories. Challenge yourself to try something new, or hit-up your usual summer music festival. Either way, it’s important to get out of our bubble and have fun.
    giphy (5)
  7. Read a good book – There’s really no excuse to not have a good book nowadays. Hello Amazon!
    giphy (6)
  8. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you your beliefs are wrong – Everyone has their own beliefs and they have a RIGHT to them. Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn’t mean you’re wrong
    giphy (7).gif
  9. Reset your mind – Meditate. Do yoga. Clear your mind each day.
    giphy (8).gif
  10. Treat Yo Self – self-explanatory
    giphy (9).gif

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